A Regret About My Future

She slips here slowly,

dreaming hard. I ran her to

shelter, if any.


This is my first haiku. If you don’t understand, you’re not alone. I didn’t understand at first either. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem. Any haiku has three lines totaling seventeen syllables. The first line consists of five syllables; the second line has seven syllables; and the third consists of five syllables.

Cats are Chaotic

    I think that cats are cool but also overly dramatic and chaotic. My family just rescued two cats. We already had lots of fish, two cats, and a dog. Now, we have four cats and things are getting pretty crazy. Since the new cats are indoor cats, they have to use a litter box to do their business in. We have two litter boxes, that’s why our house is getting a little stinky now and then. If you keep reading you’ll find yourself some very interesting adventures.

    When we first got the cats home in the cage, they were freaked out by our family and house. In fact, they were extremely frightened. Once we opened the cage door, they slowly walked out and observed our home. When I was about to pet one of the cats, my father whisper-yelled “No Bella, NO!”. I really wanted to pet him ,but my father was serious. He wanted them to discover all of the features of the house.

    As soon as the rescued cat that looks like one of our cats went upstairs, I quietly tip-toed up behind him, into my mother and father’s room. He went under the bed and in a few minutes, the other new cat came up, who has black and white fur like an oreo. While the oreo cat was coming upstairs, he met our girl cat. She growled and hissed at him and once the oreo cat came under the bed, he also was hissed and growled at. The boy cats weren’t too happy about that.

    A couple weeks later, my father came home with my sister and told me that a person who lived about two streets down had Spoonful the cat ( short for Spoonful of Sugar, Spoonful is the new cat who looks like our cat we already had who is named Sugar). She wasn’t stealing him or anything, she just found him outside her front door and took him inside. He was returned right before I got home from school. He seemed kind of scared. I’m not quite sure why though.

    Now we call the oreo cat “Ding Dong” and still call Spoonful, Spoonful. Lots of things are getting less chaotic and less stinky. Although the new cats bring even more drama to our house, I believe they found a good forever home.

Bats are Beautiful

Bumblebee and purple flowers

I love animals.

I always think about them.


I like lots of cool animals

Of all different shapes and sizes.

Their personalities are very interesting to me.

They all have intelligence.


I love bats
Arizona Spotted Bat



My favorite animal is a bat.

   The fact that I think is the coolest about bats is that they’re mammals and according to Arizona Game & Fish they’re the only ones that can fly. My favorite species of bats are the spotted bats of Arizona. As you can see their big ears help them hear better. They look pretty cool too. Someday I wish I could have a pet bat!