A Regret About My Future

She slips here slowly,

dreaming hard. I ran her to

shelter, if any.


This is my first haiku. If you don’t understand, you’re not alone. I didn’t understand at first either. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem. Any haiku has three lines totaling seventeen syllables. The first line consists of five syllables; the second line has seven syllables; and the third consists of five syllables.

Beloved Bats


I love bats
Arizona Spotted Bat

  In my mind, bats are very fascinating creatures. They are actually my favorite animal. One of the most unusual facts about bats is that they are the only mammals that fly. My favorite species of bats are called spotted bats. As you can see their big ears help them hear better. They also look very interesting. One of the great species of bats are spotted bats, they are the only flying mammals, they look unique, and they have giant ears.